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Harjod Ayurvedic Medicine for Knee pain in Old Age

Knee pain or aching knee joint has been a constant health problem globally. It was prevalent among elderly at most, though at the present time, knee pain has become a common problem irrespective of age or gender.

Knee is one of the substantial and most complicated joints in the body. It is a pivot type synovial joint, which enables weight bearing, flexion and extension of the leg. The knee joins together four bones; the thigh bone, shin bone, fibula and kneecap.

What Causes Knee Pain?

Knee pain can be accredited to several factors. Some of the most common factors are:

Injuries: Sprains and strains to ligaments. Ligaments are tough fibrous tissues that connect bones. Injury to ligaments mostly is caused during sports. This may induce swelling and difficulty in walking.

Fracture: Breaking of bones caused by accidents or trauma. The most common case is the breaking of the kneecap.

Overuse: Runner's knee is the common overuse injury and is mostly seen in athletes. Cyclists and runners face this type of injury.

Osteoarthritis: Degeneration of cartilages of the joints and bones. It is mostly age related and usually towards middle age. It causes swelling, pain, stiffness, locking and tenderness.

Overweight and Morbid Obesity: Knee bears the weight of the human body. Too much weight exerts pressure on the knee joints while walking or standing.

What Ayurveda Says about Knee Pain?

Ayurveda recognizes knee pain as Sandhigatavata. Disturbance of each one of tridoshas (vata, pitta and kapha) creates different physiological, mental and emotional problems. Vata affects bones and joints and it becomes foremost with advanced age, hence it is common among the older population. Tissue degeneration is the common cause of joint pain and that too is related to old age.

Ayurvedic practice is about 3000 years old, and the formulation of medicines is done under strict decorum. Based on ancient scriptures and texts, medicine is made according to the Prakruthi and the remedial effect needed.


Harjod, ayurvedic medicine for knee pain. The powerful ingredients in Harjod heals impaired nerves and muscles.

Harjod Arkdhara is an archaic Ayurvedic practice in which a warm stream or dhara of Ark is decanted over the knees. The mist from Arkdhara opens up the pores of the skin and the linctus permeates deep into the joints and affects bones, muscles and ligaments. It eliminates toxins stored in the blood and bone marrows. Arkdhara is so effective that after the initial day of therapy, patients acknowledge having a major relief from knee pain, knee swelling and stiffness.

The 19 powerful ingredients in Arkdhara include Loghra, Kaalmegh, Mochras and Pashan bhed/Parvat bhed, Semalkand, and Jamlashi.

Harjod Arkdhara is followed by application of Harjod oil. The Arkdhara assists in deeper diffusion of oil into the joints and lubricates it thoroughly. One of the ingredients of Harjod oil, Vansh lochan is a rare species of bamboo. It provides flexibility and strength to the knee joints. It is the best knee pain treatment at home.

Harjod reinstates blood flow, lessens inflammation and swelling, and stimulates recalcification of bones. Furthermore, Harjod acts as an analgesic.